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Hello, I’m Mitsutoshi Taniguchi, director of Japan Body Care Academy. We’re now in the era for YOU to take care of your own and your own family member’s health, and YOUR FAMILY members to take care of the health of YOUR COMMUNITY members. I am here to provide the information to enable that.

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Japan Body Care Academy is a school that generates therapists who practice a variety of therapy which include KEIRAKU(Shiatsu and Japanese dry massage) with a theoretical foundation in Oriental medicine. Besides that, they also master the skill of self-care, so they can contribute to the public by organizing a series of seminar that provides authentic knowledge on health and beauty, gaining the trust of people, and at the same time, able to keep the profitable business on their own.

It is not easy to maintain the trust of people and keep the business profitable. Yet, I believe that in this era, generating and to keep supporting as many therapists — who able to materialize both people’s trust and profitable business with pleasure and with the visible result— will contribute to energizing Japan and also the world.

The vision of Japan Body Care Academy - Peace of Mind

We want all our alumni to start a new day of work with a smile on their faces. Life is short and time is precious; we would like you to work in joy every day.

How to get this result? By becoming a reliable therapist, knowing how to respond to the needs of his patients while making a good living. If you can combine these two principles based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and teach at the Japan Body Care Academy, you will be able to start the day with happiness: this is our vision, and we call it “The spirit at peace” and “Peace of Mind”.


At the age of 18, Master TANIGUCHI enters the acupuncture school. He then studied with various teachers at the same time as the school for five years until he graduated as a Japanese osteopath. To date, he treats approximately 20,000 patients in shiatsu and Japanese massage at his clinic.

Keiraku is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and developed as it was practiced in the office.

For 20 years Master TANIGUCHI trains students at the Japan Body Care Academy and improves KEIRAKU according to the feedback of his former students. If you
learn the basics of Keiraku correctly, you too can use this method successfully.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that a person possesses the energy, the “Qi”. If the Qi circulates easily throughout the body, it is considered healthy.

However, if because of the daily stress and bad habits of life, the circulation of Qi remains long disturbed, a disease can be declared.

KEIRAKU is a technique capable of improving the flow of stagnant Qi and thus keeping the body healthy.

The excellence of Western medicine is recognized, and it evolves every day. However, in Japan, it is common to “prevent the disease”, that is to say, to cure the cause before it is declared; we want to spread this idea of ​​prevention beyond the borders of Japan.

So far, Master TANIGUCHI teaches KEIRAKU only to Japanese therapists from the Japan Body Care Academy but now wants to teach therapists around the world to encourage disease prevention.

TANIGUCHI Method KEIRAKU techniques

KEIRAKU for the body

KEIRAKU massage is a massage technique for the body and Japanese dry massage & shiatsu on the massage table.

KEIRAKU Head care

KEIRAKU head care is a head massage technique effective for resolving sleep disturbance and brain fatigue, in only 15 minutes.

Japan Body Care Academy Activities in Japan

Our experience of twenty years of teaching has allowed us to train about 1800 therapists.

Our courses allow acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge allowing to improve various problems thanks to our technique of massage KEIRAKU, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. A number of teaching materials will be available as course material.

In addition to the “KEIRAKU massage”, Master TANIGUCHI developed the “KEIRAKU Head Care” to eliminate sleep disorders, the “Seitai of beauty” to improve the silhouette and the “KEIRAKU Face Care” which acts as an anti-aging care, a facelift.

We have also developed “KEIRAKU Reflexology” and “KEIRAKU Lymphatic Drainage” to meet the needs of our clients.

We also offer a business creation course for therapists; it is possible to acquire teaching materials on this subject.

A teaching curriculum on different topics is also proposed:
- how to build a seminar on self-massage
- how to organize a seminar on the care to give to the family

Our alumni have become very active therapists; some have become trainers. All are happy to help their many customers, both in terms of health and beauty.

For 20 years, the school has volunteered for the Tokyo Marathon, offering massages that are very popular with runners.

Master TANIGUCHI has been speaking throughout Japan for twenty years at symposia such as the L’Oreal Japan Conference and the CIDESCO World Conference (International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology).

He is also a technical advisor to firms such as Max Factor or major Japanese cosmetics companies. He is the author of two books (one of which
marketed in Taiwan) and regularly gives television interviews; a large number of magazines and newspapers also publish articles about him.

Internationally recognized technique

We opened a school in Rwanda, in Kigali, in September 2018 and invited foreign residents to discover the KEIRAKU (see photos and comments below).




The video below shows our students, Beth and Olivier, teaching KEIRAKU to three new students.

Currently, three students are practicing the KEIRAKU massage at the SERENA hotel, one of the three best hotels in Kigali.

We are creating a spa in Rwanda.

We prefer to teach our techniques to blind therapists or single mothers in order to promote employment. We supported this activity using crowdfunding.

In addition, we present on the Internet the teaching material of the technique and the theory of KEIRAKU. People all over the world have begun to study the method using this material.

In October 2019, a two-day workshop was held in Toulouse, France.

We also held a seminar on KEIRAKU Head Care to improve sleep disorders at Airbus headquarters.

We will continue to spread the Taniguchi Method ”KEIRAKU” throughout the world!

Profile of Mitsutoshi TANIGUCHI

Mitsutoshi TANIGUCHI

- State diploma of acupuncture, Japanese osteopathy, and anma, massage, shiatsu
- President of the NGO Heart Culture
- Director of the Academy of Body Care of Japan
- Director of SHG Foundation

Born in Osaka in 1964

Master TANIGUCHI joined Kansai Medical College in 1983 and graduated from the acupuncture, anma, massage, shiatsu, and Japanese osteopathy departments in 1988.

During his studies, he gained experience in a pain clinic, an acupuncture practice, and an Osteopathy practice in Osaka.

After graduation, he worked in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Kiba Clinic in Osaka. He then moved to China where he studied Chinese medicine at Guangzhou University.

In January 1999, he created the Japan Body Care Academy which specializes in training therapists in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

In 2018, more than 1,800 students were trained in their schools.

In 2009, he gave a lecture on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Aesthetics as a representative of Japan at the 58th World Congress of CIDESCO (International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology).

In 2015, he participated as a health consultant in the regional development project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

In 2018, he opened his school in Rwanda of East Africa.

In October 2019, he ran an internship in Toulouse and gave a conference at Airbus headquarters in Toulouse.

Conference / Technical Tips

Max Factor Japan, Mandom and Takara Belmont Japan, L’Oreal Japan, Japan Aesthetic Association, etc.
Conference gave at Airbus in October 2019.

Magazine / Journal

Articles about the technique of our school, Master TANIGUCHI, and our activities in Rwanda are published in Japanese magazines, newspapers, and TV channels.

In addition, recent articles on our school have been published in health magazines for three consecutive months in 2018 and in the newspaper in January 2019.


Two books have been published. A book is also sold in Taiwan.


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